Saturday, July 14, 2018

FYJC CutOffs For Amravati Region . with Stream For Stream Of Science | Arts | Commerce. 2018

FYJC CutOffs For Amravati  Region . with Stream For Stream Of Science | Arts | Commerce.
Friends please view the video and Find the Excel Sheets where it has clearly mentioned the cut off list OF Fyjc First merit list Which was declared @5th July 11 AM.
In This Article i have shown how can student who wants to fill form for Fyjc Second Merit list they can view cut off list of respective Amravati  colleges
FYJC Amravati   College List 

Bhagyashri Higher Secondary School,Surbhi Vihar V.M.V. Area Amravati

  • Arunodaya Jr.College Of Science,Harsharaj,Colony,V.M.V.Road Navsari,Amravati
  • Maharshi Jr.College ,Maharishi Squar New Ring Road,Navsari,Amravati
  • Govt. Vidarbha Institute Of Science And Humanities V.M.V. Road Amravati
  • Harikisan Maloo International School
  • Shiram Higher Sec. School,Wadali, Amravati.
  • Matoshri Savitribai Fule Higher Sec.School Amravati
  • Arts And Commerence Jr.College,Chaitanya Colony,Amravati
  • Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Mahavidya,Amravati
  • Vinayaka Vidya Mandir Junior Collge , Chatri Talav Road,Amravati
  • Assiciation Urdu Jr College Badnera Rly
  • Gnadhi Jr.College,Badnera
  • Rajeshwar Union,Junior College, Badnera
  • Arts Jr.College,Badnera Rly
  • R.D.I.K.Mahavidyalaya, Badnera
  • Sindhi Hindi Hr Sec School Rampuri Camp Krushana Nagar Amravati
  • Golden Century English School & Jr College
  • Shivaji Multipurpose Jr. College, Amravati
  • Z.P.[Ex.Govt.]Urdu Girls Junior College,Camp,Amravati
  • Golden Kids English School & Jr.College, Camp,Amravati
  • Vidyabharati Science College,Amravati
  • Shri Gajanan Maharaj Jr.College New Congress Nagar Amravati
  • Arts,Comm.& Science,College, Kiran Nagar,Amravati
  • Shri Jagobaji Mahulkar Jr.College Hsvc Jaibharat Nagar Amravati
  • Takshashila Mahavidyalaya,Shyam Nagar,Amravati
  • Jivan Vikas,Mcvc, Junior College Gopalnagar Amravati
  • Shri Samarth Junior College Deorankar Nagar,Amravati.
  • Sant Gadge Maharaj Jr.College Nawathe Nagar Amravati
  • Brijal Biyani Science College,Amravati
  • Marium Urdu Jr.College Arts,Nalsebpura, Amravati
  • Association Urdu Jr College Pathan Chowk ,Amravati
  • Nida Urdu Art & Science Jr.College Amar Nagar,Amravati
  • Friends English Science Jr.College,Habib Nagar,Amravati
  • Niyaji Urdu High School & Arts Jr.College Habib Nagarv.M.V.Road,Amravati
  • Shri Ganeshdas Rathi Junior College Amravati
  • Rural Institute , Amravati (Jr.College Of Science)Shivaji Nagar,Amravati
  • Shri Shivaji Science College ,Shivaji Nagar,Morshi Road ,Amravati
  • Shri Shivaji Arts & Commerce College Morshi Road ,Amravati
  • Smt Kesharbai Lahoti Mahavidyalaya,Shivaji Nagar,Morshi Road,Panchvati ,Amravati
  • Mathoshree Vimalabai Deshmukh Jr.Collge,Shivaji Nagar,Amravati
  • Indirabai Meghe Mahavidyalaya,Amtavati
  • Krishi Vidya Shakha Mcvc Rural Inst.Shivaji Nagar Amravati
  • Matoshriramabai Ambedkar Jr.College Shamnagar, Amravati
  • Swami Satramdas Jr.College Dasturnagar,Amravati
  • Mothers Pet Junior College Amravati
  • Sharada Kanya School & Hr.Sec School Shardanagar,Amravati
  • Shri Ramkrishna Kreeda Junior College Amravati
  • Urdu Saifee Jubilee Junior College Of Science And Vocational, Walgaon Road Amravati
  • Takhatmal English High School & Jr. College Sai Nagar Amravati
  • Jr College New High School Main ,Jog Chowk,Amtavati
  • Nutan Kannya Shala &Junior College,Jog;Chowk,Amravati
  • Mahila Mahavidya,Jog Chowk,Amravati
  • Mahatma Phule Jr College, Amravati
  • Smt.S.T.K.Gujrati Jr.College Of Manibai Gujarati High School Ambapetkh,Amravati
  • Bharatiya Mahavidyalaya, Amravati
  • Shri Shivaji Maratha High School & Jr College Station Branch Amravati
  • New Highschool &Junior College ,Belpura Branch,Amravati
  • Govt.Tech.Jr.College,Usmania Masjid,Bus Stand,Amravati
  • Z.P. (Ex.Govt)Boys H.S. & Science Jr.College Maltekdi Road,Amravati
  • Smt Stk Gujrati Jr College Of Manibai Gujrati High School, Ambapath, Amravati
  • Sharda Kanya Vidalaya, Amravati
  • Saturday, June 30, 2018 | Fyjc merit list declaration | Fyjc merit list declaration
    11th online Admission process 2018-19 | Fyjc merit list declaration 
    TimetableDate Time Details
    Friday 8thJune 2018 1pm PM Announcement of10th result
    13 to 18thJune 2018(6 days) Filling options form (Part-II) for Bifocal subjects.Start to fill the forms of Arts, Commerce,science and MCVC stream Quota Admission-Zero round. Quota admissions merit list will be declared at college level and concerned colleges will upload the quota admission from time to time.
    13 to 25thJune 2018 up to 5pm Filling forms of Part-I and Part-IIof other streams except Bifocal. Quota admissions will continue.
    21stJune 2018 11 amDisplaying first merit list for Bifocal subject.
    21st and 22nd June 2018 From 11am to 5 pm Online admission for Bifocal of 1st merit list.
    23rd June 2018 11 am Publishing vacancy position for Bifocal subjects, second round.
    23rdto 25th June 2018 (excluding Sunday) From 11 to 5 pmFilling preferences for second round Bifocal subjects.
    25th June 2018 5 PMPanel will close for filling Part-I and Part-II
    28th June 2018 11 AMDisplaying second merit list of Bifocal subject.
    28th to 29th June 2018 11 AM to 5 PMOnline admission for second merit list of Bifocal subject.
    29th June 2018 5 PMDisplaying general merit list
    30th June to 2nd July 2018Submitting corrections to Deputy Director of Education in prescribed format
    3rd July 2018 11AMCorrection of complaints. Time given to Agency
    5th July 2018 11 AMDisplaying first general merit list
    6th to 9th July 2018 (excluding Sunday) 11 AM to 5 PMGiving online admission for first general merit list.
    10th July 2018 11 AMPublishing vacancy list and cut off of the first merit list on website
    10th and 11th July 2018 11 AM to 5 PMFilling of Part-I and Part-II of admission forms.
    13th July 2018 4 PMDisplaying second general merit list
    14th to 16th July 2018 (excluding Sunday) 11 AM to 5 PMAdmission for second general merit list.
    17th July 2018 11 amPublishing vacancy list on website. 11th online Admission process 2018-19 Timetable Instructions: 1. After completing 70% of the students, the students of the Higher Secondary / Junior Colleges are permitted to start regular classes for the 11th standard. 2. Junior colleges will be responsible for completing the syllabus of the students admitted after the commencement of colleges by conducting extra lectures / practicals.
    18th to 19th July 2018 11 AM to 5 PMFilling Part-I and Part-II of admission form.
    21st July 2018 11 amProviding third general merit list for audit.
    23rd July 2018 11amPublishing Third general merit list.
    24th to 25th July 2018 11 AM to 5 PMAdmission for third general merit list.
    26th July 2018 11 amPublishing vacant seats and cut-off list of third merit list.
    26th and 27th July 2018 11 AM to 5 PMFilling Part-I and Part-II forms
    29th July 2018 11 amPublishing 4th general merit list
    30th to 31st July 2018 11 AM to 5 PMAdmission of students for 4th general merit list.
    1st to 4th August 2018Collecting applications from desirous student’s for admission to Bifocal subjects, admitting students as per reservation and merit and uploading the admission.
    Date Time Details